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Welcome to the Scaled Nation Podcast, hosted by Athena Perez.

Scaled Nation is a functional fitness podcast unlike any other. As a community, We’re not here to debate how to shave seconds off your Fran time or the best protein powder for gains. We’re here to talk about what it’s like to save your life with fitness—and to celebrate all things within the CrossFit scaled movement. 

Twice a month, we'll dive into various aspects of being part of the scaled community; nutrition, modified movements, body image, mental health, and weight loss - specifically speaking to those that are saving their lives and combating morbid obesity and chronic disease through CrossFit and nutrition.

united by passion
powered by hope

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What does "scaled" mean to you? Here are some thoughts from the community.
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Modified Movement

A Global Community

Shared Sense of Pride


"Scaling" allows any athlete to complete the same workout, regardless of ability. If they can do it, so we can we. 

Scaled athletes make up the majority, not minority. We are united in passion and powered by hope.

We aren't fighting to make it up to the podium at the CrossFit Games. We are fighting for our lives  and we do it with the hearts of champions. 



what's the latest and what's coming

How Cheryl Lathrope Lost 183 Pounds

Jason Wiese – 400 pounds to Wodapalooza and Inclusive Competitions

IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT THINGS LIKE… How Cheryl got to her heaviest weight and some of the experiences that contributed to the weight problem. How being overweight can affect every waking minute of your day. Grocery shopping, going out to restaurants, working in the office, chairs – just about everything! 

IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT THINGS LIKE… There wasn’t the proverbial ah-ha moment for Jason, but the truth of it was that he just got tired of being tired. Most people don’t understand how exhausting being morbidly obese is. The weight loss journey started with YouTube videos.

february 15

march 4

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I see you hiding at the back of class, tugging at your waistband. I see your face fall when the workout calls for handstand push-ups and the coach says to scale with wall walks. I see your not-Rx’d score on the whiteboard—and I see it for what it really is: a triumph. I get you; I AM you. So join me. 

When I started CrossFit, I weighed more than 450 lb. I’ve scaled every workout you can imagine—times 10. I know how to jump rope when you can’t jump rope. I can teach you how to do sit-ups when you can’t sit up. I can show you where to find workout clothes you’ll feel good in, and I understand what it feels like when your gym doesn’t sell T-shirts in your size.

I started Scaled Nation to revolutionize the concept of scaling. To take the shame out of the word and shine a light on accomplishment and to celebrate every step of the journey - because it's a long one for a lot of us and there's tons of things we have in common.

Join the conversation. 


Hey Hey! I’m your host, Athena Perez. I’m a CrossFitter and trainer, and I’m just like you.

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"So much knowledge and what a caring spirit!
Scaled Nation is a must listen for all everyday CrossFitter! To learn the smart way to go about working out for the long haul! As a Masters age athlete who is overweight this podcast is incite full and worth every minute spent listening!"

- Thors_Hammer53

"The average at best CrossFit athlete
I love this PodCast because I feel she is talking to me during it!!! She's so fun to listen too and a great person"

- Fan from the Boro

"Loved the transparent and straight forward reviews on the meals. I’ve been so curious about so many of these companies. I feel like you took the guess work off my plate. Thank you!"

- Sewillaw

"This podcast is so RELATABLE! I’ve been waiting for someone like Athena to come along and share her wisdom for the average Crossfitter - especially those of us who struggle. It delivers an “Ah-ha” moment every time. Thank you for making this a reality Athena!!"

- @cvread

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Loving the podcast? I encourage you to use the hashtag #SCALEDNATION to show our tribe that you are proud to be in the CrossFit scaled community. And I’ll be reposting some of my favorite images and stories, too.